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Sat 05/16/09
Southern Cruisers Annual Barbecue, Saint Jude Event. Houston, TX
Sat 06/27/09
Freedom Rally & Bikini Bike Wash *POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*
Sat 07/25/09 - 07/26/09
Texas Gun Show. San Antonio, TX
San Antonio Event Center. 8111 Meadow Leaf. Texas Gun Shows
Sat 08/01/09 - 08/02/09
Real Gun Show. Pasadena, TX
Pasadena Convention Center. Real Gun Shows
Sat 08/29/09
Texas Nationalist Rally. Austin, TX
Fri  09/04/09
David & Melissa Radio Show, Spike as guest. "True Rights vs. Color of Law"
9pm Central. The Spike from The Order of ConstitutionDefenders.com will make a guest appearance on the PatriotsHeartNetwork's David & Melissa Hill show (blogtalkradio.com)and will speak about true Constitutional Law.
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Sat 09/12/09
912 Project: March and Rally. Fort Worth, TX
Judge Andrew Napolitano is the keynote speaker. Details
Thu 10/01/09
Texas National Motorcycle Rally. Baytown, TX
Defenders will be there. Details
Sat 10/17/09
Barrett Mfg Constitutional Gathering. Murfreesboro, TN
Defenders will be there. Exit 89 Hwy 24.
Tue 10/20/09
Campaign for Liberty, Meeting. Chattanooga, TN
Defenders will be there. Ryan's Steak House on Lee Hwy. 7pm
Sun 11/07/09
Alhimbra Shriners Gun Show. Chattanooga, TN
Defenders will be there.
Fri 11/13/09
David & Melissa Radio Show, Spike as guest."Your Sovereign Unalienable Rights"
9pm Central. The Spike from The Order of ConstitutionDefenders.com will make his 2nd guest appearance on the PatriotsHeartNetwork's David & Melissa Hill show (blogtalkradio.com). Support the cause. Spread the word and be sure to listen!
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Tue 11/17/09
Campaign for Liberty Meeting. Chattanooga, TN
Spike will speak to the members on Rights and Sovereignty. 7pm
Fri 01/15/10 - 01/17/10
Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference. Atlanta, GA
Celebrate the dawn of A New Decade of Liberty! Join Congressman Ron Paul, C4L President John Tate, and several special guests. Defenders will be there. Details
Mon 02/15/10   ...and...
Thu  02/18/10
WGOW 102.3FM & 1150AM with Jeff Styles. 2 Radio Spots! Chattanooga, TN
Monday,    6 -   9am:   Spike featured as a Call-In Guest ...AND...
Thursday, 10 - 11am (102.3FM Only):   Spike featured as In-Studio Guest!
Listen on your radio locally, or on the Internet throughout the country!
Listen to Archive    (10MB. Spike comes on after the 8 minute mark)
Sat 02/20/10
True Freedom Seminar. Hixson, TN (20min North of Chattanooga)
The speaker will be The Order's own...Spike!. Be there if you want to know the truth about those HUGE things known as your Unalienable Rights, and how they can be used!
7pm - 8:30pm    Details
Sat 02/27/10 - 02/28/10
RK Gun Show. Chattanooga, TN
9am - 5pm. National Guard Armory. 1801 Holtzclaw Street. Defenders will be there.

Republican Debates. Chattanooga, TN
02/27 only. 2pm - 5pm. Woodland Park Baptist Church: 6735 Standifer Gap Rd, 37421
Sat 03/27/10
Tea Party, Montana Shrugged Group, Helena, MT
Montana State Representatives, including Joel Boniek will be in attendance! The Order's own, Spike, will have 2 speaking slots! 12pm, on the steps of the capitol building.
   Billings Gazette wrote of the past event
Sat 05/22/10 - 05/23/10
Tea Party Convention! Knox County, of the TENNESSEE TEA PARTY COALITION,    Gatlinburg Convention Center,  Spike, The Defenders,  speaking times, Seminars and details posted on link, Mike Scallia, Tennessee Rep.  will be at the tables to answer you questions: as well.   http://tennesseeteapartycoalition.com/  BE THERE!
Mon  06/14/10 Seminar, for the Research Institute,    Knoxville, Tn.  Spike, The Defenders,  speaking, @ Mandarin Chinese Restaurant Exit 108 Hwy. 75.   BE THERE!
Sat 08/21/10
Freedom Party BBQ and Rally
Big party Come on down to Magoos Aug. 21st. 2010: 7:00pm on Germantown / Ringgold Rd East Ridge, TN. with Daniel Joseph, DJ song writer and Singer........Bikini Contest.....Door Prizes and Gun giveaway......and  BBQ and Drink.....RSVP  ..See Flyer, ...$20.00
The Freedom Party, BBQ/ Rally Aug. 21
Sat 09/06/10
Custom Car Show
Labor Day, Camp Columbus
Lots of Beautiful Automobiles. Gun Give A Way.....Hixson Pike, Chattanooga, Tn.
Mon  10/01/2010 Tea Party, Bradley County, Cleveland, Tn. Spike, The Defenders,  speaking, @ Main Street.   Down Town, 10-01-2010,  3:00 to 9:00pm.
Mon 12/05/2010 Tea Party, Polk County. Spike, The Defenders,  speaking, @ Monday evening at Gondoliers Restaurant, Hwy. 64 , Bill Alford our Host
Mon 12/13/2010 Patriot Assembly, Knox County, Knoxville, Tn. Spike, The Defenders,  speaking, Introducing Sticker of the Week Program @ Monday evening at Mandarin House, Restaurant, I75 Interstate Rd.
Mon 01/10/2011 Tea Party, McMinn County, McMinnville, Tn. Spike, The Defenders,  speaking,  Introducing the Sticker of the Week Program @ Monday Jan. 10th, 2011 at Athens Diner on Congress Parkway, Athens, TN. at 6 PM, Annette our Host
Thur 01/14/2011 Internet Radio Show, www.SonsofLibertyRiders.com  9:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Thur 02/10/2011 Patriot Defender Meeting, Megs County Court House, Subject: You Inalienable Rights, 7:00pm off Hwy60
Sat. 02/26/2011 Chattanooga Bass Association, CBS, 3:00pm Chester Frost Park Boat Dock, Bass Fishing Contest and Rifle Give away. Come on Down. Day_____, Feb. _or meeting info, date and location call us at 423-582-248
Sat. 03/15/2011 TEA PARTY, CATOOSA  COUNTY,  Meeting, Speaking about True Rights, Sovereignty, Supreme Constitutional Arguments, Purpose of the Defenders, What we are all about. Contact, Stella , Catoosa County Library, off Hwy 2A, Ringgold, Ga.eting info, date and location call u
Mon. 04/11/2011  TEA PARTY, MCMINN  COUNTY, Meeting, Speaking on Sovereignty, The Defender Mission, Supreme Constitutional Arguments, Athens Dinner, 6:00pm McMinnville, Tn.

Mon. 05/24/2011
Tuesday May 24th we will hold meetings on the 4th Tuesday of every month. For now, till we run out of room, we will meet at my business Buddy's Shoe repair at 5221 HIXSON PK. HIXSON, TENNESSEE 37343. It's just a few blocks north of North Gate Mall, next to Maxi Muffler. The meetings will be from 7pm-8/8:30pm.  Absolutely EVERYONE welcome. Michael Scallia
Mon. 07/02/2011
Defenders This Ralley is for Republic &You!
Location: Lost Prairie RanchTime: ?9:00AM Saturday, July 2nd
Lost Prairie Ranch
5544 Hwy 164 East
Groesbeck, TX


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